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Who qualifies for home healthcare services?

- Individuals that are homebound and require one or more of the following services: Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, or Intermittent Skilled Nursing

Why utilize home healthcare?

- Shorter hospital care, Care is provided in the comfort and safety of the patient's home, and the involvement of the patient's family during the recovery process

Who pays for Home Health Care?

- Home health costs are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance for all that qualify. Those on Medicare have no co-pay

Who should use Home Health Care Services?

- Home Health Care can be right for you if you meet the required conditions and have suffered an injury or illness that will require more treatment. If you want to recover in the security and comfort of your home then Home Health Care is right for you. 

What criteria are required for Medicare to approve service?

- The following criteria are needed to meet Medicare requirements: 1. The Patient is a Medicare recipient 2. The patient must be homebound (defined as the normal inability to leave the home and that leaving the home requires considerable and taxing effort) 3. The skilled care must be medically necessary as determined by a physician.

Do I need a physician's order for home health care?

- Yes, all health care provided in the home occurs under direct order and supervision of the patient's physician. 


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